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Registered Agent Info

A Registered Agent is a company's liaison with the state in which it is incorporated. In Delaware Registered Agents are responsible for receiving and forwarding service of process and correspondence from the state of Delaware, such as Franchise Tax notices, to the client in a timely fashion.

A Delaware registered agent is a business entity’s contact with the Division of Corporations. Registered agents receive legal notices and correspondence from the state of Delaware, such as Franchise Tax notices, and forward these documents to clients in a timely manner. Delaware corporations and LLCs are required by law to appoint a Delaware registered agent.

Why do I need a registered agent in Delaware?

Delaware state law (8 Del. C. 1953, § 131) requires that any business entity formed with the Delaware Division of Corporations has a registered agent. This law is built around the idea of due process and that lawsuits can’t move forward in court unless the parties have been properly notified. Your Delaware registered agent serves as your official point of contact for your business with the state and the legal world. Having an established and reliable registered agent ensures that you properly receive any official notices or services of process.

All Delaware corporations and LLCs must retain a Delaware Registered Agent, as required by Delaware state law.

What does a Delaware registered agent do?

Anyone wanting to officially notify your company will send a complaint or notice to your Delaware registered agent. Your registered agent must have a physical Delaware address and be open during business hours to accept and forward all official documents to your business.

Your Delaware registered agent receives all the notices from the Delaware Division of Corporations for filing annual reports and annual franchise taxes. The Delaware Division of Corporations may even call and talk to your registered agent if they have a question about your business.

How can Van Buren Financial help?

Van Buren Financial is a full-service accounting and financial services firm with an office in Delaware's largest city Wilmington, DE. Van Buren Financial is staffed by financial professionals during business hours and meets all requirements for being a Delaware registered agent. Van Buren Financial has many registered agent clients already and has been servicing registered agent clients for over a decade.

Van Buren Financial as your registered agent

To arrange for Van Buren Financial to become your registered agent call us at 302-655-9505 or e-mail