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Individual & Business Taxes

At Van Buren Financial Group, LLC, we stay abreast of the constantly changing tax regulations so we can advise and represent our clients effectively through the maze of tax laws. Our team includes Certified Public Accountants and tax preparers who assist small business owners, sole proprietors, families, and individuals with a number of tax planning needs.

By working with a tax professional, individuals and business owners can be assured that all of their tax needs are taken care of by a competent professional. We act as a “one stop shop” for our clients by providing tax and financial planning. We can assist with:

  • Multistate Taxes
    • Our CPAs have an intricate knowledge of not only multi-state tax filings, but also (if applicable) your local municipality and/or city tax laws as well.
  • Problem Resolution
    • Whether you need an Offer-in-Compromise or help setting up a payment installment agreement, our years of experience communicating and negotiating with the IRS will prove your confidence in us is well placed.
  • Individual Taxes
    • Your tax returns will be carefully checked by our highly experienced professionals and with the use of electronic filing, you’ll have your refund faster.
  • Business Taxes
    • Are your books a mess? Whether you are a Corporation, Partnership, S-Corp or Schedule C, we’ll clean them up, prepare your returns and get you on track for next year.
  • Estate Taxes
    • After saying goodbye to a loved one, understanding the rigid requirements and deadlines of estate returns can be overwhelming. We’ll set your mind at ease by minimizing estate taxes due and be sure you understand the estate process going forward.
  • Trust Taxes
    • When you are named a trustee, we can help you protect and conserve the assets for your beneficiaries through accurate and timely filing of your returns and distribution of your K1s.

Contact us today at 302.655.9505 if you or someone you know would like professional tax help.